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Type-Setting Services

Our professional designers have vast knowledge in computer skills that allow your work to be presented in the most adorable way

Our experts provide accurate typesetting services, desktop publishing, graphics design & online printing services. With a background in publications of all varieties, we can turn a manuscript document or a softcopy to finished source files, Postscript, or PDF with a professional touch on it, in on time. Why not let professionals who have the requisite knowledge, equipment, and expertise handle this process for you?. And if you are already on the lookout for a reliable and professional source for outsourcing your desktop publishing and typesetting assignments, we assure that you have reached the right place.

We are interested even of small typesetting orders

Whatever be the size of the work, we are dedicated to give you the same kind of treatment and care. Your fund raising campaigns can be much more productive when posters, banners and handouts effectively convey the importance of the purpose through forceful images and appropriate graphics. We are sure you will like it and come back to us for your further requirements. Client satisfaction is our motto - thousands of satisfied clients make us proudly say so. As we already possess state-of-the-art technology, we can provide high-quality desktop publishing and typesetting services across any distance, by e-mail, ftp, or CD. From Newspaper to Magazines, Journals to Product catalogs, Technical manuals to Data Sheets, Advertisements with a punch to Brochures, Leaflets to Newsletters, High -Quality presentations to Invitations & Announcements; Whatever be your requirements, we have the expertise to meet your needs. We have a cream of highly skilled graphic designers and desktop publishers at your service. With their experience, knowledge, and expertise, our team can help you get the job done right on any typesetting project.

We assure 100% satisfaction with the quality and workmanship

Our typesetting services are very cost effective with no compromise on quality. We offer a Totally Risk Free Guarantee. "You get more than what you pay for!" One stop solution for your typesetting requirement including computer typesetting, book typesetting

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Why should I Type-Set my work

Typesetting is a key element to the professionalism of your work. You must get professional typesetting services

Importance of Type-Setting

Many people fail to understand the true importance of typesetting and how crucial it is to get it right. This really affects how your work is perceived by potential customers

We enforces strict Quality Control Standard

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